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The most efficient in its class

Albert compressors are designed for a wide range of applications, from large craft workshops to small to medium-sized industrial enterprises. Their power range (4 kW - 22 kW) and their equipment (air receiver, integrated dryer, compressed air filter) make them suitable for installations in small to medium-sized workshops. The basic building block of the Albert compressors is a robust slow-running screw block directly connected to the motor and cooling fan. This design guarantees high efficiency, reliability, very low noise and low vibration. The compressors can be supplied in a Standard version without a body or in a Comfort version with a sheet metal body on a horizontal or, for the E.50 K and E.65 K models, a vertical air receiver. The machine operation is controlled either by a pressure switch or by the modern LOGIK 26-S control unit. The Vario machines are equipped with a Danfoss frequency converter.


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