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1The largest manufacturer of screw compressors in the Czech Republic
125Number of years on the market
170Number of employees
124350Number of successful installations
100The number of countries we export to is more than

We are a manufacturer, we design and manufacture compressors.

The history of engineering production at the Atmos factory dates back to 1899 and we have been engaged in the production of compressors for over 70 years. We continuously make massive investments in modern production technologies, innovate production and assembly procedures, develop new products and thus increase the overall quality of our products. We aim to remain a reliable partner for our customers in the future and a manufacturer that can flexibly respond to new trends and current market requirements.

We cooperate with universities and experts to always be one step ahead

Mutual cooperation is what has always propelled humanity forward. We too recognize that the mutual sharing of practical experience and academic knowledge is a necessary prerequisite for successful development. Therefore, we strive to collaborate with universities and experts from various industrial sectors and utilize their knowledge for development. This has allowed us to implement a number of projects in recent years. Currently, for example, we are working on a project of a so-called screw engine, which, especially in this era of sharp increases in energy prices, is becoming more than relevant.

We export all over the world

We are an export-oriented company. We really export all over the world. Our machines work on all continents, at altitudes from sea level up to 5000 meters above sea level, from cold Nordic regions to tropical ones. We know how to manufacture machines that meet a wide range of working environments and applications.


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