20 years of successful co-operation

AMCO and Atmos have been partners for exactly 20 years now!
Very are very satisfied with our mutual co-operation. Business is booming and rental contracts are well above last year’s level. Although there are many rental companies in the Rotterdam region, AMCO have the distinct advantages that they can offer the whole compressed air portfolio =`1 stop shop and also the fact that they are the single large provider of large portables. Other hire companies rent from them.
AMCO have completed the move to the new premises where there is enough space for further expansion. The workshop is huge and provides 4 stations for maintenance and repair. The stock area is massive (4.800 m2) as well permitting safe and dry storage for hundreds of machines.


Czech compressor in Chernobyl

Our compressor PDP 90 helped reliably during reactor 4 at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant covering.


Hannover Messe 2017

Atmos Chrást has been exhibiting on the biggest fair for stationary compressors, on the ComVac Fair. During the fair, we have introduced several new products – Nitro generator Nitros, second generation of internal fusion dryer, new compressor station control unit Archon. For our visitors was definitely most interesting the see simulation of Archon work, also fusion dryer developed a lot of questions and possible application from our clients. We have met a interesting number of possible partners from various countries – such a United Arabian Emirates, Algeria, Tunisia, Venezuela, Panama, New Zealand also a from majority of European countries. We believe fair will have positive influence of extending of Atmos sales territories.

Hannover 2017