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Atmos Chrást - compressor manufacturer

Tradition: we have been manufacturing compressors for over 50 years. We manufacture screw compressors for various branches of industry such as construction or power engineering. Our compressors are mobile, electric, locomotive, compressors tailor-made to the customer’s requirements and also generators and piston compressors.

Technology independence: thanks to our development department we have our own technologies and we design and construct our own air-ends.

Quality: we purchase key components for our compressors from world-renowned manufacturers such as Perkins, Kubota, Danfos or Siemens and we naturally offer servicing for all our products.

New Electric Compressors

Here are our new electric compressors from a product line SEC. Our development and design department created two new compressors SEC302 and SEC372. These two machines can be set on 7,5 or 10 or 13 bar, their engines rated power is 30 kW (SEC302) and 37 kW (SEC372). Both of them can have a frequency convertor to reach energy savings by soft power regulation. Advantages of these compressors are: driven by multi-V belt, low service costs, easy acces for maintenance, low RPM, low level of noise, compact dimensions.

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1. 11. 2015

Cooperation with Ramirent Company

Atmos Chrast continues with its successful cooperation with Ramirent company. Due to prolongation of contract it was delivered more than 20 brand new mac

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18. 6. 2015

New Portable Compressor

We are developing a new portable compressor for you. It is PDP190 with eingine Perkins, for 12 bar and it is designed for superior performance and high

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3. 4. 2015

New Electric Compressors

Don’t miss an article about our new two compressors from the product line SEC. It is on our opening web page. Here you can read more about the whole rang

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