Paving Breakers

We offer pneumatic breakers to compressors – chipping, pick hammers and paving breakers of weight categories from 5 to 40 kg.
Paving breakers: medium heavy to heavy breakers with a “T” handle for demolition works in the construction industry. These are distinguished by their simple robust design offering high performance and an effective noise damper.
The minimum number of components extends service life and reduces maintenance requirements. BB20 and BB25 models have handles, which significantly reduce the vibrations transferred to the operator.

Paving Breakers
Type BB15BB20BB25BB27BB32BB40 Type
Working pressure [bar]4-74-74-74-74-74-7Working pressure [bar]
Weight [kg]17,52124263238Weight [kg]
Air Consumption [m³/min]1,21,11,21,21,21,6Air Consumption [m³/min]
Impact Rate [1/min]160013001300120011501100Impact Rate [1/min]
Shank [mm]hex 22x82 (hex 25x108)hex 25x108hex 32x160 (hex 28x160)hex 32x160 (hex 28x160)hex 32x160 (hex 28x160)hex 32x160 (hex 28x160)Shank [mm]
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