Welcome to ATMOS web pages, the leading world compressed air company. Our primary objectives in the compressed air business are rotary screw compressor manufacture, air end manufacture.

The history of machine industry at present ATMOS started in 1899, when Mr. Suchy, Mr. Jouza and Mr. Cap established a foundry and machine plant.

In 1948 the factory was nationalized and incorporated into SKODA PILSEN; where the licensed serial air end production (B100) started in 1987 and the development of their own screw compressors SKD 200, 201, 202 and SKE 200 S until 1992, when SKODA PILSEN stopped the compressor production and offered the plant in Chrast for sale. A new owner, Liska and Kraus compressors ltd., bought the company including the ATMOS brand and the know-how in compressors manufacture.

The development of the new range of portable and stationary screw compressors started immediately and until the end of the year 1994 there was a serial production of 16 new models.

In autumn 1993, the name of the company was changed to ATMOS Chrást s.r.o. Betwen 1994 – 1996 our serial production raised by10 models and we were able to offer complete range of portable, stationary and locomotive braking system screw compressors.

After the successful modernization of the B100 air end production, the preparation work for production of bigger air end B260 started. The serial production of the B260 was launched in 1998.

In 1997 – 1999, the new range of stationary screw compressors (SEC) was promoted. Our development was laying primary major emphasis on lower noise level, top performance parameters in accordance with traditional robust engineering margins like the warranty of the compressor's life time. Our SEC range was highly accepted on domestic and export markets.

The new range of portable diesel compressors (PD) was developed, powered by the latest diesel engines Deutz, later on Perkins and Daihatsu Vanguard designed for markets all over the world. Our strategic decision at the end of 1998 was to implement serial production of small compact screw compressors Albert (E) revolutionary conception. The Albert range is permanently growing. Nowadays there are more than 64 different models and modifications with electric motor rated power from 3 up to 22kW including a wide range of optional equipment. The next important innovating decision followed in 2002. The technical development started in 1996 lead to fundamental enlargement of companie's serial production. The wide range of gen set AT was promoted. Nowadays we put out a full range of diesel and petrol driven generators tailored to various groups of customers from construction companies, rental companies, stand-by applications, etc...

The complete production is CE marked in accordance with the latest world and EU noise and emission restriction.